There are many reasons for people to adopt a dog, some need a friend, some like the feeling of having a dog as a family member, some need a loyal companion, and some need a great guard. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a dog, the American Bulldog can give you all. Are you interested in this breed and want to have one? Let’s find out what this wonderful dog requires through tips for taking care of your American Bulldog. 

How to feed your American Bulldog

One tip for taking care of your American Bulldog is to feed him high-quality kibble.
One tip for taking care of your American Bulldog is to feed him high-quality kibble.

The key to keeping your dog healthy over his meals is to feed him high-quality food. The food for the puppy American Bulldog requires 22% protein, 8% fat, and 4% fiber. The food for the adult American Bulldog requires 18% protein and 5% fat. You can feed your dog homemade food such as raw or cooked meat and vegetables but the high-quality kibble is a better option. The high-quality kibble can provide all the nutrition facts for your dog and also save you a lot of time feeding your dog.

An American Bull needs 2-4 cups of high-quality kibble divided into 2-4 meals per day. Depending on the dog’s age, health, and activity level, he needs to be fed differently. The puppy American Bulldogs need less food and divide into 3-4 meals a day,  adult American Bulldogs need more food and split into 2 meals a day. A large bowl of water needs to be available at all times for your dog to drink.

How to care for your American Bulldog

Mental care and Physical care are the unskippable tip for taking care of your American Bulldog.
Mental care and Physical care are the unskippable tips for taking care of your American Bulldog.

Mental care: Just like humans, dogs have all kinds of feelings like happy, sad, nervous, and so on. The first day arrives in your home, your dog will be very nervous, with natural reflexes, he will want to stay away from you for a while. You should give his own space, provide your dog with a crate that fits his adult size.

Use a bit of delicious food, gently approach your dog to help him realize that you are not a danger to him. When your dog gets used to your presence, take time to play with him, take him outside of the house to walk around every day, and cuddle when you have time. These will help your dog feel comfortable and happy around you.

Physical care: There are 5 things that you need to do for your dog to keep his body stay healthy which are bathing, brushing fur, trimming nails, brushing teeth, and exercising. For brushing fur and brushing teeth, you should do it weekly; your dog will need to take a bath and to trim his nails every month; and exercise daily, 30-60 minutes a day is needed. 

How to train your American Bulldog. 

At adult age, an American Bulldog can reach 28 inches tall and weight 120 pounds. Your big friend will need to be trained as soon as possible. The best way to train your dog is to take professional training classes for him. However, it’s possible to train your dog yourself as long as you follow some training rules for a dog trainer. Training an American Bulldog is similar to train a Siberian Husky. Please read the training part of the post “Taking care of Siberian Husky” to get some useful suggestions.


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