The name American Bully has described almost everything about the American Bully’s appearance. With a big body designed and impressive muscular, they do look like they are so ready to knock out anyone. But don’t let their appearance fool you, in reality, this breed is a great disposition towards other dogs, people, and children which make them perfect family companions. You should have some tips for taking care of an American Bully if you’re going to have one.

How to feed your American Bulldog

Feeing high-quality food is a tip for taking care of an American Bully.
Feeing high-quality food is a tip for taking care of an American Bully.

An American Bully requires 18-22% protein and 5-8% fat in their diet. These amounts can vary depending on the dog’s age, activity level, and health. You need to replenish him with carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and fiber. There are two main types of food for the American Bulldog, raw food and high-quality kibble. 

For the raw food, his meal will be good with 80% muscle meat, 10% bones, 5% organs, 5% vegetables, or fruits, the amount of food for your dog daily usually about 2-4% compared to his bodyweight. Split your dog food into 2-4 meals a day depends on your dog age. 

For high-quality kibble, your dog will need 2-5 cups and divide into 2-4 meals a day depends on your dog’s age. An American Bully puppy will need to be fed 4 meals a day with 2-3 cups of kibble, a 5-8-month-old will need 3.5-4 cups into 3 meals a day, the older age needs only 2 meals a day with 4.5-5 cups a day.  Make sure to have fresh clean water available at all times for your dog to drink.

How to care for your American Bully

You should always gentle to your dog.
You should always gentle with your dog.

Keep his coat clean: The American Bully has very short hair and does not require much care. You only need to bathe him every two or three weeks depends on the state of the coat. Use a  shampoo made for dogs to avoid having bad odors or skin irritations.  After a bath, you should either dry him under the sun or use a hairdryer to prevent diseases that might happen to the wrinkles on his ski

Start exercising your dog when he 3 months old: An American Bully can reach 23 inches tall and weigh between 100-120 pounds. 60 minutes a day of exercise is needed to develop an American Bully’s muscles and maintain his overall health  Your dog will love to have a walk with you anywhere outside your house twice a day but you should only start to let him exercise when he is 3 months old

How to train your American Bully

Training is a very important tip for taking care of American Bully.
Training is a very important tip for taking care of an American Bully.

You should start potty training as soon as your American Bully gets home. Other types of training like socialization and obedience training can start when your dog is 4 months old. The American Bully is an intelligent breed and can learn really quickly, especially when you take professional training classes with the dog. 

It is okay to train your dog yourself, as long as you follow some rules for the dog trainer. It’s important to be gentle and patient with your dog, give the simplest commands, reward him with some delicious food, and keep the daily training session short. Training an American Bully is similar to training a Tibetan Mastiff. You will find more suggestions on the post “Taking care of Tibetan Mastiff


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