With a gorgeous silky coat plus floor-length, the Yorkshires make it so difficult for everyone to not love them. They are compact, funny, and great for every family. Are you going to have one of your own? If that is the case, you might need some tips for taking care of a Yorkshire. 

Nutritional requirements of Yorkshire

High-quality food is a key for taking care of a Yorkshire.
High-quality food is key for taking care of a Yorkshire.

Although Yorkshire has a small body design, just like any other breed they need protein and fat to grow and maintain lean muscle mass. In Yorkshire food, it is necessary to have about 18-22% protein and 5-8% fat. High-quality kibble is the best food choice for this dog.

The mature Yorkshires can have different weight levels ranging from 4-8 pounds. Depending on your Yorkshire dog’s weight, you will need to feed her the right amount of food. Don’t overfeed your dog, obesity can lead to heart problems, bone, and joint problems.

As a general rule, with high-quality kibble, a 2-4 pounds Yorkie needs 1/3 to 1/2 cup a day,  a 5- 8 pounds needs 2/3 to 3/4 cup a day. It doesn’t matter how much food your dog needs, you have to divide it into 3-4 meals a day. Let your dog eat too much in one meal can cause her to vomit stomach bile. 

Besides dry kibble, you can add some vitamins by giving your dog some snacks such as fruits and vegetables. Little carrots, pears, apples green beans, or some banana will be great for the Yorkshire. When it’s hot, you can mix fruit with yogurt and give her, your dog will love it.

Yorkshire caring tips

Coat care, nails care, and exercise are very important tips for taking care of a Yorkshire.
Coat care, nails care, and exercise are very important tips for taking care of a Yorkshire.

Coat care: Take care of Yorkshire’s hair is a must, especially if your dog has a long hair coat. You need to brush his hair every day to remove all the fallen hair and dirt. Besides, you should give your dog a bath every month, use the shampoo that has made for a dog. While you’re brushing her hair or bathing for her, pay more attention to her ears and her skin. Take your dog to see the vet as soon as possible if you notice any problem. 

Nails care: Your Yorkshire’s nails need to be trimmed every month. If you feel comfortable, you can trim her nails at home, if you don’t, bring her to the vet or the groomer so they can do it for your dog. 

Exercise: It doesn’t matter about the size, the Yorkshire is pretty active dogs. Your dog will need to exercise at least 15-20 minutes a day. You can play catching toys with her, walk around the neighborhood, or fetching with her in your back yard. Keep in mind, Yorkshire is small so when you do these activities with her, don’t put a collar on her, put a vest harness instead.

Training for your Yorkshire

In order for your dog to have a happy life with you, training for her is a must.
In order for your dog to have a happy life with you, training for her is a must.

Potty training: Because of the size of Yorkshire, to keep your dog safe, you should place her “toilet” about 4-6 feels away from where she eats. Put a pad there, introduce it to your dog by taking her tp to that pad, saying “pp, poo-poo” to her, and wait until she does her “business”. To make the practice easier, you should do that every 2-3 hours, always have some delicious food ready to reward your dog when she does well. Besides, you should create a fixed meal schedule for your dog, so you will know better what time your dog needs to go to the “toilet”.

After your dog finishes her “business”, put her in her crate, lock the crate door, then clean her ”toilet area” right away. This prevents your dog from making a mess from that.

Obedience training: Your dog needs to know what he can do and what he can’t do in your house. In order for this to happen, teach your dog what are “no”, “wait”, and “yes” mean. For this training, you need to prepare some dog food, put it 2-3 feet in front of her, stay at her side and tell her “no” and keep her not to move for 2 seconds, say “wait” the wait for 5-10 second more, say “yes” and let her get the food. Do it for 3-5 minutes every day, after 2-4 weeks, your little friend will know what you mean when you say those three commands to her. 

If you like to do more complicated training for your dog, you can, you just need to follow some training rules for a dog trainer. The rules to train Yorkshire is similar to training rules for Cocker Spaniel. Please read the training part of the post “Taking care of Cocker Spaniel” to have more detail. 


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