27 inches tall, weight between 100 and 130 pounds, head large and broad, that’s a Bullmastiff. This breed is highly protective, calm, and loving which are make them great for families. If you have one of your own, you should know tips for taking care of a Bullmastiff.

Feed your Bullmastiff high-quality food

Feeding high-quality dog food is good tip for taking care of a Bullmastiff.
Feeding high-quality dog food is a good tip for taking care of a Bullmastiff.

For a Bullmastiff, meat should be the first component of his diet, you can add a little rice, fruits, and vegetables. The Bullmastiff can also eat bones when they 4 months and older. The amount of food a Bullmastiff needs a day should be 2-3% of their body weight. When you purchase dog food, make sure they are fresh.

High-quality kibble is also recommended. It is known as a healthy food for every dog which has enough protein, fat, and another benefits. You need to choose the one that is made for big dogs with 22-30% protein and 5-8% fat from meat. However, some dogs might find it boring to eat this food all the time, you might  mix some raw meat with the high-quality kibble for your big friend

Feed your Bullmastiff 3 times a day when he at 2-4 months old, 2 times a day when he 8months or older. Clean water should always fresh, place at a handy area, and available at all times,

Caring your Bullmastiff

Caring your dog with all your heart is a tip for taking care of a Bullmastiff.
Caring your dog with all your heart is a tip for taking care of a Bullmastiff.

Coat care:  the Bullmastiff has a short fur and is a light shedder, they don’t require a lot of grooming. You only need to brush his hair daily during his shedding season, other than that 2-3 times a week is usually enough. If your dog gets too dirty or develops a doggy odor, give him a bath. 

Nail care: Regular nail trimming is required. Short nails make it easier for your dog to walk and prevents him from damaging your furniture. Short nails also help to keep your dog paws clean.

Exercise: The Bullmastiff needs 30-60 minutes of exercise a day. Some dogs might not want to exercise at all, if your dog is one of them, don’t let him be that way. Exercise is known as one of the best ways to raise and maintain the dog’s health. You can take him out for a walk around the neighborhood or play catch with him. Don’t take him outside when it too hot, this breed can easily have a heat stroke. 

How to train your Bullmastiff

Training is a must tip for taking care of a Bullmastiff.
Training is a must tip for taking care of a Bullmastiff.

In nature, the dog lives in a group known as a pack. When your dog is living with you he will automatically think of you as part of his “pack”. Your job is to let your dog know who is the “alpha” by making all the decisions, and your dog needs to obey willingly. Start with the lesson “no”, “wait”, and “yes”.

Potty train your dog as soon as he gets home. You can choose a spot around the house where your dog can potty there or take them around your neighborhood and let him do his “business”. Option 1 is better because it’s easier for you in the long run and avoids everyone complaining. If you choose option 2, always carry some plastic bags with you to pick up his “No.2 product” and put it in the trash.

You should start obedience training and socialization when your dog is 4 months old. Bullmastiff coaching rules are like Weimaraner coaching, read the training section of Caring for Weimaraner” for further suggestions.


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